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Tradeshow & Exhibit - Islands

Tradeshow and Exhibits

Tradeshow & Exhibit - Islands

Island exhibits are the ultimate in custom displays.  Islands can be 20' x 20', 20' x 30' and larger.  Add workstations, podiums, custom lighting options, accessories and vivid graphics to enhance your display.

Orthman Manufacturing required a large-scale exhibit to help promote their many ag based products. Pickering worked with Orthman creating a custom designed 360º exhibit that showcased their products through large-scale graphics and TV monitors. The sleak exhibit helped reinforce Orthman’s message of being a leader in agricultural manufacturing innovation while creating the appearance of strength and integrity.

GT Exhaust worked Pickering to create a custom 20' x 20' display to promote the company's various products. The display utilizes large format banners that can easily be switched out to keep the display current and relevant.

Kenexa's 20' x 20' custom display features 4 large podiums, a continious mural banner, and a large central area for storage.

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