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Sycamore Education

UNANIMOUS partnered with Sycamore Education to help clearly define their brand.

The first recommendation was to change the name of the company and their products. The company provides online school management systems to daycares, preschools, grade schools, colleges and universities. By renaming the company Sycamore Education, formerly Sycamore Leaf Solutions, it more clearly states what type of products they offer. Sycamore Education’s three school management system products were also renamed to be more cohesive and tie directly to their brand and its solid reputation.

UNANIMOUS refined the visual identity of the company and created a similar look and feel for each of its products. The “more” in Sycamore creates a natural slogan with the logo that enforces that Sycamore Education’s products will allow the customer to achieve more of what they are called to do. A new positioning and messaging strategy helped to ramp up their marketing efforts to their target audiences. 

In addition to new print collateral, marketing and sales materials, UNANIMOUS helped Sycamore Education launch a new website located at www.sycamoreeducation.com. The new site enhances the user experience and site structure while providing a more updated design. 

The new branding and design was carried through to the Daycare, School, and Campus websites. 

UNANIMOUS designed tradeshow and flyer graphics with the new branding.

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