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Red Cloud | Guide Rock


Red Cloud | Guide Rock

The communities of Red Cloud and Guide Rock received a government grant that essentially provided funds to help the communities promote themselves. The grant’s mission statement was Retain, Return and Relocate, which translated to helping communities thrive and prosper.

Our first task was to create an identity to capture the essence of both communities. In addition, the logo needed to be adaptable to permit separate use by each community.

The solution was a two-colored logo featuring the communities side by side. On one side is the Red Cloud skyline highlighting historic buildings such as the Opera House. On the other side is the town of Guide Rock, which emphasizes its outdoor/nature environment. The seemingly dueling concepts are melded together nicely in the finished mark. The tagline: Vibrant community, peaceful life was used throughout all collateral. 

A direct-mail series was launched to promote the community of Guide Rock as well as its newly created website. The postcards used images by award winning photographer Jeff Haller coupled with headlines like: good living... quality of life, and wide-open inspiration...." The headlines were an extension of the tagline Vibrant community, Peaceful life, and helped showcase the major selling points of the two communities.

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