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Marketing Strategy

Progress Printing Plus

The UNANIMOUS team embarked on a multi-month process of evaluation, planning, and execution of a 360° Communication Strategy for Progress Printing Plus. In order to develop a new website, brand identity, or marketing campaign, we undergo thorough research to plan strategically for the future of our client. With Progress, this was no exception. Partnering to be its marketing firm, we looked to clearly understand the company’s history, meet the employees, and become part of its culture.

It was extremely important to evaluate the corporate tone and employee buy-in for this client. We conducted interviews, made weekly visits to the plant, and engaged in meaningful dialogue with the executive team and others. Assessing the executive team’s vision while considering industry challenges was important in developing a thorough communication strategy, and in providing options for creating a new brand identity.

As our marketing team sifted through internal and external perceptions, a pattern emerged. Although Progress Printing was moving forward and desiring to expand capabilities, it truly was offering more than just print. Its employees’ years of service and skillful, dependable consultation far exceeded many of its competitors. Thus, the name Progress Printing Plus emerged as an accurate and progressive shift in its identity. Progress Printing Plus specializes in producing high-quality printed catalogs and specialty publications; plus it provides invaluable consultation and comprehensive services — offering more than just print.

Focusing on developing a corporate identity and messaging to intentionally create name recognition in the industry, empower print in the minds of consumers, and communicate the evolution of additional print services/capabilities are the Progress team’s aims. Living the brand internally will lead to creating a strong identity with both current and prospective clients.


Designing and developing the Progress website began conceptually in the early stages of the communication strategy. Honoring a company with a rich history, while also creating a design reflective of the progressive nature of the print industry, was instrumental in adhering to the communication strategy. Progress serves over 700 diverse clients throughout the nation. Therefore, its custom website is a crucial element of the marketing mix.

An internal server crash left Progress to construct a temporary website during the past year. While much of the content was lost from its previous site, a collaborative effort was made between Progress executives and the UNANIMOUS team to reevaluate the relevancy and direction for the new site map and content. Careful consideration was given to implementing SEO tactics by adding content-rich copy, plus a robust header and footer navigation.

Corporate Calendar

The Progress calendar was developed to be more than just a corporate calendar. The creative elements and messaging was developed to drive and guide the 2012 marketing campaign and launch the new identity for Progress Printing Plus. Custom photography, graphic enhancement, and spot UV finishing allows the images to showcase Progress finishing capabilities. The UNANIMOUS team consulted industry leaders and evaluated reasons why print remains a vital component of any marketing mix. The “experience” printed material delivers to consumers is invaluable.

Various print buyers across a multitude of industries agree that if print is completely removed from marketing initiatives, profits and accessibility decrease. The calendar conveys a strong message every month about the value print adds to marketing efforts. Additionally, corresponding electronic images and printed postcards deliver statistical information about the print experience, while every spread visually depicts a vertical market heavily influenced by print. Progress wants their customers to see, feel and “experience print”.

Marketing Kit

Having a strong marketing kit is an imperative tool for commercial print companies looking to expand and maintain strong client relationships. New corporate branding transformed ordinary sample kits into sleek, well-design marketing tools by utilizing a vibrant color pallet and highlighting finishing capabilities. 

Identity Kit

The new logo and identity translated seamlessly into new business cards, envelope, and letterhead designs. Employing a double-sided letterhead added a nice touch to the identity kit.


Corporate Brochure

An engaging corporate brochure was designed featuring information regarding the company along with quotes related to the print industry.


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