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NUtech Ventures


NUtech Ventures

NUtech was a start-up with no branding or identity. UNANIMOUS created a communication strategy and recommended the company’s mission statement “pioneering partnerships for innovation.” We worked to design a logo that conveyed a cutting-edge, high-tech modernity associated with innovation. The finished mark invokes motion and a sense of convergence—the heart of NUtech’s mission.

It was also important to visually connect NUtech to the University of Nebraska, with whom it’s affiliated. This was accomplished by using the University’s colors of red and grey, but it remained distinctly unique through typography. The overall effect is a sophisticated and pleasing identity. 

It was critical that NUtech’s new logo and forward-thinking image carry over into the identity kit. This was accomplished through design continuity and attention to detail. Of note are the ultra-modern plastic, see-through business cards, the rounded corners on the letterhead, and the security liner on the envelope, covered in a pattern of mini NUtech logos. These subtle details help the NUtech identity kit stand out while championing the innovative spirit of the organization.

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