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Loess Hills Floral Studio


Loess Hills Floral Studio

Loess Hills Floral Studio is a new floral shop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, that primarily cater to weddings and high-end events. The owner wanted a chic logo that reflected her desired positioning and background as an artist. Additionally, the logo mark needed to be versatile for use on a variety of applications such as window stencils and sticker emblems among other mediums.

To meet this challenge, UNANIMOUS created a black and white floral mark with a strong graphic presence that was easily recognizable. A five-color palette was established to coincide with the mark in certain applications to add color and vitality.

Business cards were created bearing the new identity on the front side. The reverse side reveals one of five different colors and a unique floral graphic for each card. The end result is a series of cards showcasing Loess Hills Floral Studio's strong aesthetic while offering some eye-catching variation.

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