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Lincoln Lutheran


Lincoln Lutheran

Branding & Marketing

Lincoln Lutheran is focused on education and the development of a Christian worldview that prepares students for college and life. Counter that with a warrior for the school mascot and you have a challenging logo dichotomy!

UNANIMOUS designed a logo and mark that managed to bridge these two seemingly contrasting ideas. By using a strong serif font coupled with a warrior preparing to kneel, the logo was able to emote strength and diginity effortlessly. The final mark has a classic look and feel that will serve Lincoln Lutheran for years to come.

Athletics Logo

A variation of the logo was created for Lincoln Lutheran's athletic department. This version features a larger mascot and wild font for warriors.


Foundation Logo

A third variation of the logo was created for Lincoln Lutheran Foundation and utilized the warrior mascot's cross shield.

Website Template

UNANIMOUS designed a website template for Lincoln Lutheran based off the design aesthetic created for the branding. The website layout efficiently compartmentalizes key sections and creates an intuitive interface for visitors.

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