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Gregg Electric


Gregg Electric

Gregg Electric Company specializes in comprehensive commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services. Established in 1911 in Lincoln, NE, the company needed brand consistency. UNANIMOUS designed a refreshed logo that is visually striking and easily translated to print, web, and signage for strong brand recognition. The contemporary image strategically integrated the E into the G of Gregg Electric as the horizontal inward stroke.

Corporate ID Kit

UNANIMOUScreated an identity kit that incorporated the three parallel lines which construct the refreshed logo. The clean line styling of this printed material, with the use of a bold yellow accent, showcases one consistent look to create instant brand recognition for Gregg Electric.


Gregg Electric Co.'s new site is developed in Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) that allows the organization to easily update the extensive project galleries and content descriptions.

The homepage slideshow cycles through highlighted projects while giving Gregg Electric Co. the ability to create an ongoing list of projects which is paginated, and allows for a growing archive of work.

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