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Craniofacial Pain Center of Nebraska


Craniofacial Pain Center of Nebraska

Craniofacial Pain Center of Nebraska serves adults and youth with craniofacial issues resulting in headaches, TMJ disorders, snoring, and sleep apnea.

The logo mark designed for the business in Lincoln, Neb., uses soft turquoise and grey as the color palette, which helps generate a soothing and relaxing look and feel for the design. The facial profile visually illustrates the transformation each patient experiences during the transition to a pain-free lifestyle.

Craniofacial’s corporate ID kit extends the soothing color palette to three highly functional pieces. Keeping each piece consistent with the linear fade of colors is reminiscent of the organization’s new mark. Rounding the corners on both the business cards and letterhead sets the organization’s communication apart from the competition. 

Continuing with the new look and feel, the pocket folder represents the strength of the organization through the quality of stock as well as the use of the darkest turquoise saturating a large portion of usable design space. 

Craniofacial Pain Center decided to promote the practice’s expanded Dental Care offerings. A rip-card direct mail piece was created, featuring pictures and photos of the new dental team as well as a tear-off coupon to entice potential clients. The coupon creates a valuable metric for tracking the overall effectiveness of the mailing.

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