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Central Virginia Orthodontics


Central Virginia Orthodontics


Everyone deserves a healthy and confident smile. The marketing platform for Central Virginia Orthodontics communicates the practice’s commitment to providing advanced, personalized care to patients of all ages. The campaign includes logo refinement and corporate identity, as well as print and outdoor advertising, public relations, and patient materials.

Central Virginia Orthodontics needed a logo refresh for a more consistent brand. While maintaining the essence of the original logo, UNANIMOUS was able to provide a more modern look by updating the font and arranging the logo in a more cohesive layout.

UNANIMOUS designed an identity kit that played off of the newly established branding. The printed material is fun yet professional, reflecting the philosophy of the practice. The strong shapes and colors work to create instant brand recognition.

Central Virginia Orthodontics had a significant amount of information needing to be conveyed through print work. UNANIMOUS' solution was to create a fluid grid layout that separated information, while at the same time delivering a unique “toothy” connotation. A calming color palette coupled with soft curvy edges work well for procedures that are sometimes approached with apprehension.

With a brand new location being built, Central Virginia Orthodontics wanted to promote their stunning new venue. Print ads were created using established branding and incorporating photos of actual clients, adding a personal touch. A colorful billboard was also part of the ad campaign.

Along with printed ads, UNANIMOUS created direct-mail pieces helping to promote the grand opening of the site. Various postcards were created, targeting several demographics. The multi-pronged campaign was successful in creating excitement about the opening.

Billboards were employed with the same consistent branding and messaging. The billboard was able to function with minimal changes to the original postcard layout—a testament to the solid foundation established in the original design.

UNANIMOUS designed a website for Central Virginia Orthodontics (CVO) — www.bracesbycvo.com — which provides visitors with valuable information pertaining to the practice, orthodontics, and treatment options. Created by UNANIMOUS, the new CVO website was developed using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) which now allows the CVO team to update content and photos to keep the information fresh and relevant.

The new website also features a patient login for new and existing patients to access their individual patient accounts through TELEVOX. It is a strong example of the continuation of the CVO brand identity that was previously established by the UNANIMOUS team.

Learn More Sections/Testimonial

Nothing beats first hand accounts and testimonials for a business. UNANIMOUS created a rotating testimonial section featuring satisfied clients telling their stories and experiences with Central Virginia Orthodontics. An additional section was created with thumbnail links for critical messaging sections such as Our Doctors, Kid Friendly, and Our Facilities.

Menu Features

Homepage features include a drop-down menu to simplify browsing experience and a patient login tab to allow patients to access information. A Facebook icon was prominently placed to improve Facebook fan conversions.

A custom slideshow allows Central Virginia Orthodontics the ability to change images and feature new success stories. An easy-to-locate Patient Form button makes getting braces convenient.

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