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Your organization's online presence is a critical brand component in today's digital world. Comprehensive website planning, design, and development is a true passion of the UNANIMOUS team. Our projects range in size and scope, yet all share the goal of engagement through compelling messages and intuitive functionality.

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Evaluate Your Website Development Team

Evaluate Your Website Development Team

The web is a critical element in your marketing plan. It is a powerful conduit between you and your customers, and enables you to reach them with relevant messaging any time, any place. Your website can also provide powerful functionality for you and your customers, so consider thinking beyond an online brochure. Regardless of your objectives, we recommend carefully evaluating several aspects of your website project. 

  1. Consider history.
    Assess how long your web team has been in business and whether they will be around if you encounter a problem in the future. A firm’s history and integrity are critical and should not be taken for granted. UNANIMOUS has been in business since 1979 and has been in web development for over 20 years. Our long history and client commitment ensure that we will be here if and when you need us.
  2. Know your team.
    Take the time to meet your web design and development team so you can be confident that the project will be collaborative. Be cautious if you are not able to work directly with designers and developers, a small and cohesive team is nimble and efficient. It is also important to have marketing expertise on your web team to ensure that your site appeals to your target audiences.
  3. Take a test drive.
    It is important to experience the software you will be using before you buy. Just because a web developer says a content management system is intuitive does not mean that it will be for you or your staff. Working with the software ahead of time enables you to be more confident about customizing your own website once it is built. Always ask for a hands-on demonstration.
  4. Understand your options.
    One decision you will need to make is whether your website will be built in open source software (like Drupal and Joomla) or a proprietary software. Each has its own advantages and our team will make sure that your site is built in what will work best for you over the long term.
  5. Do not settle.
    Too often a website can end up looking a little generic. At UNANIMOUS, our graphic designers work closely with the web development team to make your website design visually compelling and functionally superior. Our in-house marketing expertise also helps to ensure that your site appeals to your target audiences. Design with a purpose is what makes a web experience exceptional, and you should ask for it.
  6. Timeliness matters.
    Ask how long it is going to take to build your website. The web team should develop (and follow) a detailed timeline with key milestones that keep the project on track. With the nimble UNANIMOUS team of designers and developers, your website can be live sooner than you think.
  7. Think long term.
    A well designed and thoughtfully developed website should grow with you. Confirm that the design and functionality of your website will be expandable and scalable as your business expands and changes. It is less expensive to build a strong website now, than create a weak one that you will have to redevelop in only a few years. Consider the value of creating a site that you can grow into.
  8. Believe in search.
    Everyone knows the power of search results. What you may not know is that some content management systems work better with search engines than others. Our web team can talk with you about ways to improve your results with search engines.
  9. Invest for longevity.
    A strong website is a powerful tool and will be an excellent investment over time. When considering your web development budget, make sure you are paying for elements that have value, like strong design and exceptional functionality. Remember that you are likely to continue growing, and your website should be designed to handle what the future holds.
  10. Go holistic.
    A website is only as powerful as the positioning and branding that support it. At UNANIMOUS, we have the expertise to assist beyond your web project. With our marketing consultants, graphic designers, and exhibits team, we can create and execute a powerful marketing strategy that will propel your company forward. Fast.

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