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Evaluate Your Brand & Marketing Team

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First comes research and an understanding of your organization, then comes strategic planning. Our team of marketing professionals will help your organization make purposeful decisions for your product positioning, messaging, communication strategy development, and visual presence.

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Evaluate Your Brand & Marketing Team

Evaluate Your Brand & Marketing Team

A strategic marketing plan is a critical element in your overall business plan. Your plan should be developed to serve as a written blueprint for marketing strategies and contain actions with measurable results. The research and development of your plan should ultimately provide direction and purpose for all marketing related initiatives. The plan should first analyze your business, your customers, your competitors, and your market. Then, the plan should develop strategies to obtain your goals. Regardless of your product or service, we recommend carefully researching your marketing and communication partner.

  1. Meet your team
    Collaborating with a creative marketing team that possesses substantial resources gives you an opportunity to work directly with professional consultants, designers, and technical experts. UNANIMOUS can assist you in fine-tuning your existing plan or in helping establish a solid, strategic marketing and communication plan.
  2. Essence of time
    Time is money. Waiting to make purposeful marketing decisions can cost you considerable profits. It is important to be proactive and not reactive to changes in the market. Evaluate your current marketing plan to determine if it meets your business goals. Choose a partner who responds to your needs in a timely manner.
  3. Future foresight
    Be willing to think long term. Marketing and communication strategies should serve your needs now, but also should catapult your business into the future. UNANIMOUS is continually researching the latest trends in social media, technology, and design, so you don’t have to be the expert.
  4. History repeats
    Choosing a partner with a reputable history and proven results is a valuable asset to any business. UNANIMOUS was established in 1979 and has continued to provide exceptional services in the areas of branding, marketing, web development and graphic design.
  5. Be consistent
    All communication should be purposeful and should convey a consistent look, feel, or message.
  6. Know your competition
    A competitor analysis is critical when developing or evaluating your marketing plan. It is important to research both your actual and perceived competitors. The UNANIMOUS marketing team begins by reviewing the general nature of your competition, your position within the market, and factors contributing to reasons customers choose one provider over the other. Thorough market research ensures marketing decisions are made by design, not by accident.
  7. Leverage your strengths
    Evaluate what your business does well. Review product or service quality, price, customer satisfaction, accessibility, or distribution, and choose one or more factors that give your business a unique aspect in the eyes of the customer. UNANIMOUS takes pride in effectively communicating your strengths within all aspects of your marketing mix.
  8. Deliver what you say
    Don’t promote or market something you cannot deliver. Your strength of customer service has a strong influence on long-term success and your reputation in the market. UNANIMOUS can help develop clearly defined goals and strategies to help achieve the outcomes you desire with the services you can deliver.
  9. Think strategic
    When evaluating or enhancing your marketing plan, UNANIMOUS is deliberate with advertising, public relations, and marketing efforts. Each strategy should be devised to communicate with a specific outcome. UNANIMOUS' team of marketing professionals will help you make purposeful decisions regarding product positioning, consistent messaging, communication plan development, and visual presence.
  10. Go Holistic
    Marketing and communication strategies are only powerful if they provide a holistic approach to meeting the objectives of your overall business plan. At UNANIMOUS, we have the expertise to assist you beyond ad development or placement. With our marketing consultants, graphic designers, and web developers, we can create and execute a powerful communication strategy to propel your company forward. Fast. 

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