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UNANIMOUS is committed to researching and understanding your business. Building collaborative partnerships with business owners allows us to strategically engage in effective planning. 

Our team of marketing professionals will help you make purposeful decisions regarding product positioning, consistent messaging, communication strategy development, and creating a strong visual presence.

We analyze the market and your competition to develop marketing and communication strategies that create interest, motivate action, and build customer loyalty.

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Brand Management

Market Research and Planning    
Before recommending marketing tactics to grow your organization, we must dive into the research and history to better understand the whys behind the what. This may include, but is not limited to, market research, interviews, focus groups, surveys, competitor analysis, etc. to establish brand position and develop the basis for your messaging platform and marketing recommendations. This must be done before moving onto an execution strategy.    

Execution Strategy    
Even the best-made plans are ineffective if they aren't put into action. After the market research and planning stage, our team will partner with you for a minimum of 3 months to carry out the recommendations outlined for your organization's marketing. We establish benchmarks and goals and continually evaluate progress for easy renewal of our working relationship.    

Email Marketing    
Reaching your audience through email is an effective marketing technique when it aligns with your brand and is done consistently. We can work with you to create an email template to reflect the look and feel of your organization. We can also assist you with a content strategy as well as execution of your email campaign.

Campaign Concepting and Development  
An effective campaign appears in a variety of advertising mediums through a specific timeframe. We can help you craft a compelling message that ties into the central theme of your campaign, along with the execution strategy and selection of communication mediums.    

Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. Having a succinct message that resonates with your audience is no simple task. Our team is armed and ready to help with copy development, polishing, or editing for web, print, radio, TV, social media, and more. 

Tagline Development 
Many times brands will benefit from a phrase that captures the tone and essence of a brand and/or product. This is the premise of an effective tagline. Our team will understand the features and benefits of your brand and develop a tagline to communicate those in a succinct, clever and memorable way.    

Referral Programs    
Several news sources will tell you that new business is often generated by referrals. While referrals are positively influenced to select your brand through various marketing approaches, they may ultimately decide to work with you based on a referral from a satisfied customer. We work to discover the why behind the referral and build a program that taps into your most valuable asset – your current customers and the people they know.    

Account Management 
Through account management, we're essentially a contracted marketing department. We can partner in small ways or act as an entire marketing department for hire. Our team can assist with a variety of functions suchas market planning, proofing advertisements, managing project deadlines, and staying current on the latest marketing opportunities. This allows you to focus more on your business and let us do the heavy lifting to grow your organization through effective marketing.

Personal Branding    
In today's world, each person has his or her own personal brand, or reputation, to manage along with the brand of the organization. Whether you're the face of the organziation or an individual pursuing a sales career on behalf of an organization, we help you maximize your personal and online presence to create an inviting and informative persona that is sure to send a positive message to potential buyers and clients.