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Pickering Creative Group is now UNANIMOUS. We are a marketing agency that assists clients with branding, marketing, and website development. With over 350 active clients across 15 states, our agency is known for its collaborative style and we pride ourselves on rhyme, reason, and results. Let's work together!... Read More

Branding — Positioning with Purpose

A strong brand with powerful messaging and visuals is the foundation for all great marketing efforts. The UNANIMOUS team combines research, purposeful messaging and design, and progressive talent and technology to create a lasting impact on your customers.  ... Read More

Marketing Strategy — Influence Your Market

First comes research and an understanding of your organization, then comes strategic planning. Our team of marketing professionals will help your organization make purposeful decisions for your product positioning, messaging, communication strategy development, and visual presence. ... Read More

Web Development — Empowering Your Site

Your organization's online presence is a critical brand component in today's digital world. Comprehensive website planning, design, and development is a true passion of the UNANIMOUS team. Our projects range in size and scope, yet all share the goal of engagement through compelling messages and intuitive functionality.... Read More


Oct 9, 2014 — UNANIMOUS Launches Central Virginia Orthodontics Website

UNANIMOUS again partnered with Central Virginia Orthodontics (CVO) to launch a second evolution of their website, located at www.bracesbycvo.com.As the premier provider o... Read More

Oct 8, 2014 — Midland University Connecting with Students on New Site

UNANIMOUS is pleased to announce the launch of a new website designed and developed for Midland University at www.midlandu.edu. Founded in 1883, Midland University is a p... Read More

Sep 27, 2014 — UNANIMOUS Launches Mosaic Website

UNANIMOUS is pleased to announce a new website designed and developed for Mosaic, located at www.mosaicinfo.org.With 36 agencies in 10 states, and three international pro... Read More

Sep 25, 2014 — UNANIMOUS Launches Ad Campaign for First State Bank and Trust of Fremont

Together with First State Bank and Trust of Fremont, UNANIMOUS launched a new ad campaign to promote the bank’s experience and role in the community.The campaign Been Her... Read More

Sep 24, 2014 — UNANIMOUS Develops Online Ticketing System for Roca Berry Farm

UNANIMOUS developed a new online ticketing system for Roca Berry Farm and customers can now order a variety of ticket options online.Once customers order their ... Read More